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What we do

SMART VALOR is an investment platform offering instant trading, seamless brokerage and secure custody of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens*backed by real assets.

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Starting with top cryptocurrencies and adding many more soon.

Our Services

Token Sales Execution

  • We onboard your investors according to Swiss/EU compliant KYC/AML.
  • We handle your fiat and crypto payments and distribute tokens into your investors’ wallets.
  • Distribute tokens into your investors’ wallets.


  • We write smart contracts for your security, utility or payment token.
  • We run security audits on your smart contract.

Exchange Listing

  • We list utility tokens of successful early stage tech companies.
  • We list your security token on the SMART VALOR exchange after necessary regulatory approval has been obtained.

Structuring STO

  • We advise on the structuring of your Security Token Offering (STO).
  • We connect you with specialized legal advisors and marketers.

Brokerage Services (OTC)

  • We sell and buy large amounts of any cryptocurrency or tokens.
  • We advise on optimal timing and exposure to digital assets.

Crypto Exchange

  • Trade top cryptocurrencies on a fully compliant cryptocurrency exchange.
  • We offer an integrated secure custody solution for digital assets.

Investment Products

Early stage tech companies that would like to issue their shares in the form of tokens.

  • Blockchain and tech-related startups
  • Blockchain infrastructure projects
  • Non-fungible assets
  • Non-blockchain infrastructure
  • Venture capital funds
  • Metals and commodities
  • Intangible assets
  • Currencies

Advantages of putting assets on the blockchain

Decentralized record of ownership

No need to trust a bank or any other centralized institution to keep a safe record of the ownership of your assets.

Programmable securities

Self-executing securities based on smart contracts will allow for more complex conditional payment structures to be reflected and executed automatically.

Global liquidity and 24/7 access

Tokens benefit from blockchain-enabled liquidity and can be traded at any time 24/7. This creates greater liquidity in traditionally illiquid asset classes like privately held companies and venture capital funds.

Instant settlement

Both transfer transactions and a record of ownership (ledger) occurs in the blockchain network. Transfer of ownership is instant, in comparison with 2-3 day settlement time on traditional stock exchanges.

Fractional ownership

Tokens represent a tiny fraction of the asset’s value, making investing in that asset more affordable to a wider audience of investors.

Low cost

Low cost of securitization and exchange listing through the elimination of intermediaries.


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Selected out of thousands of applicants as one of 5 startups to join the Thomson Reuters Incubator in Zug, Switzerland (2017-18)